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Ghost Tour Of The Week


The graveyard near Sculcoates Lane in Hull is a popular spot for paranormal enthusiasts but those taking part in a tour organised by local historian, Mike Covell, got more than they bargained for, I read this week.

They heard groans coming from the undergrowth and were doubtless excited that they were on to something. Imagine their surprise, then, when they found that they had walked into the set of a porn film. A man and a woman were going at “like knives among the ivy”, Covell quaintly and rather oddly explained, and were being filmed by two men.

The woman, a blonde (natch) pushed her companion off her and scarpered, leaving her companion trying to protect his crown jewels from the brambles.

One of the ghost hunters, an elderly man, was so incensed at what he had seen that he threatened to chase after them with his walking stick. Order was only restored when Covell persuaded him to calm down and eat his sandwiches.

It all goes down in Hull.

Expert Of The Week

Oxford University professor, Simao Valente, was described this week as an expert in Portuguese swearing. How the f**k did he get that job?


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