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Restaurant Of The Week


Here’s a restaurant I won’t be able to go to, Amrita in Tokyo which opens next month. It is the latest restaurant to try to cash in on the current craze for nude dining. Bunyadi in London’s Elephant and Castle opened last Saturday, claiming to have a waiting list of 40,000.

Although you would think that such an establishment would be the bastion of liberality, the owners of the Japanese gaff have laid down some strict rules which have fascistic overtones about them. Only diners aged between the ages of 18 and 60 are welcome and even then they have to be tattoo free and no more than 15 kilograms over the average weight for their height. Anyone suspected by the staff of being a tubby will have to be weighed.

A meal plus show – male dancers – will set you back up to £525 but if you want to eschew the entertainment and just be served by male waiters wearing G-strings, that will be between £90 and £180 a head.

Thank goodness I’m too old. I will stick to my sausages and prunes.


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