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Discovery Of The Week (6)


In this time of impending economic meltdown we need to explore every angle to boost the nation’s finances. And it may just be that salvation is standing in a soggy field near you, if a report I came across in the Times of India this week is to be believed.

Ancient Indian scriptures claim that the urine of cows contains gold as well as having medicinal benefits, something that an intrepid group of scientists from the Junagadh Agricultural University sought to investigate. Analysing samples from 400 cows from Gir in Gujurat, they discovered between 3 and 10 milligrams of gold per litre of cow’s piss. Not only that they have been able to successfully isolate, precipitate and melt the gold.

A message to all British farmers; stop moaning about the price of milk and the possibility of losing your EU subsidies, start panning the waste product of your herds for gold. Your country needs you!

Oh, and 7.7% of the 5,100 compounds found in the urine have what the scientists claim as “immense medicinal value”.


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