Bender Of The Week (2)


You know the score. You have just secured a new job and go out with your mates for a few sherbets to celebrate. But for Isaac Moore, I read this week, it went a little too far. Following a session involving five or six pints – seems a little lightweight to me but bear with me – he climbed up on to the glass roof of the Grand Arcade in Cambridge via a fire escape helpfully installed by Barclays Bank for the purpose and 75 feet up in the air promptly fell into the arms of Morpheus.

His repose was rudely interrupted when shoppers alerted the emergency services. Two fire engines rushed to the scene and eleven shops were evacuated as a crowd of some 200 shoppers watched the rescue. Showing the clarity of thought you would expect from a denizen of Cambridgeshire, when asked whether he did it by the beak, Moore said “yeah, I was found on the roof so I supposed I did it”. He was £105 lighter in the pocket – let’s hope he had a good pay rise – and had a further six months added to a previous suspended sentence for his act of derring-do.

Rumours that there was a charizard on the roof to date remain unsubstantiated.

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