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Discovery Of The Week (7)


Something fishy has been going on in our chippies for a while, I learned with some horror this week. Fish and chips is one of my favourite takeaway meals but I always eschew the server’s kind offer of vinegar. It is not that I don’t like the stuff – I prefer to carry my meal home oozing of fat rather than sodden and then apply my own vinegar.

At least that way you can be sure of what you are pouring on your chips because, it seems, in many of our chippies what passes for vinegar isn’t the real deal. To be vinegar, the condiment has to be made from fermented dilute alcoholic liquids like wine, beer or cider. What many a chippie serves you masquerading as vinegar is a non-brewed condiment, a mix of water, ethanoic acid, colourings and flavourings which is then watered down. Cheap as chips and one in the eye for trading standards.

One fryer was quoted as saying “people care about the quality of their fish, not the quality of their vinegar”. Doubtless he drives around in a car with flat tyres or, as the old proverb has it, don’t spoil the ship for a ha’p’orth of tar.



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