ATM Of The Week


It’s not happened to me (yet) but imagine you are in a pub, having a few sherbets and then discover you haven’t enough dosh to settle the bill. What to do?

A male toper in the Czech town of Prerov came up with a novel solution to the question of providing collateral. He stripped off leaving his clothes in the pub and marched off, I learned this week, wearing only ankle-length black socks and talking into a mobile phone – that begs a question – in search of a cash dispenser. Inevitably he was spotted on CCTV, had his neck felt by the local constabulary but was allowed to complete his quest, settle his bill and recover his clothes.

It was a good job he was not in Whangerei, the northernmost city of New Zealand. As part of an arts project called Moodbank, an ATM has been installed which doesn’t dispense cash but allows via a touch screen offering more than 1,000 options the user to describe their current state of mind. The results, according to the genius whose idea this is, Vanessa Crowe, are then uploaded on to the project’s website to give an impression of the city’s emotional condition.

You could imagine our Czech friend’s emotion if he found that ATM.

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