Bender Of The Week (3)


“OK, I’ll have one for the road”. This story from Darton near Barnsley I came across this week takes the expression a little too literally.

A toper after a few sherbets had the presence of mind to buy a takeaway but on his walk home felt the uncontrollable urge to lie down in the road and succumb to the siren call of Morpheus. He was woken up by a couple of members of the local constabulary, helped to his feet and sent on his way.

It was only when the man had got up that something truly remarkable was observed. During his nap it had rained, leaving a perfect silhouette of the man and takeaway box on the road.

The Old Bill are using the picture and incident to educate the public about the need to drink safely and responsibly. Laudable as that is, I prefer to think that we have a new form of performance art on our hands, far more acceptable than mindless graffiti. I look forward to seeing more examples.

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