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Toilet Of The Week (6)


This week’s featured carsey is no longer in service but was to be found in an outhouse in the Norwegian town of Drammen. It was a chemical jobbie and was emptied once a season.

Unfortunately, a man whilst urinating dropped his phone down the toilet and called for assistance. Cato Berntsen Larsen leapt to his aid and as a keen amateur diver volunteered to plunge into the tank. Thin enough to get into the tank he was not thin enough to get out. He was stuck there for around an hour.

The local pole sliders attended the scene, cut away the plastic front of the toilet and released Larsen who by now had sustained multiple bites to his upper arms from whatever creatures were lurking in the tank which was described as being “pretty full down there”. He was treated in hospital and given antibiotics but the phone was never recovered.

And to the inconvenience of all, the convenience is now out of action.

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