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Balls Of The Week


No, this is not a post about Ed Balls, erstwhile politician, who has made his debut on Strictly Come Dancing 2016. And they wonder why we don’t take politicians seriously these days? Rather, it is an eye-watering story I came across this week about the asymmetrical testes of Norwegian, Claus Jorstad.

Suffering from knee trouble Claus bought a natty stool from Ikea on which to sit whilst taking his daily ablutions. Observant readers will note that the attractive red model comes complete with eight holes on the seat. One of Jorstad’s balls got caught in one of said holes and the warmth of the water caused his testicle to swell. He was trapped in this position for so long that the hot water ran out and he found he was now taking a cold shower.

Freezing cold, Claus was tempted to use the nearby hair dryer to warm himself up – the mix of water and electricity may have been a tad dangerous but hey ho. Then he noticed that the cold water had now caused his testicle to shrink and he was able to effect his escape. He now puts a cloth over the stool to prevent a recurrence.

It appears this is not a one-off occurrence. For example, in May 2015 an unnamed Hornchurch man had to be freed by the local pole sliders when one of his testicles got stuck in a shower stool.

Think I would settle for a stool without holes, myself.


2 responses to “Balls Of The Week

  1. Jim Little September 10, 2016 at 10:35 am

    Perhaps he should have measured said ( not ed) balls prior to purchasing stool. ….a painful experience!!!

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