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Squee Of The Week


For logophiles the highlight of the year has to be the announcement by the Oxford English Dictionary of its latest batch of new words to enter the fusty old tome. Squee (an expression of delight with a strong connotation of joy)!

If you think the OED is a behind the times, fuhgeddaboudit – the latest list of some 1,200 words is a fookin array of slang, politically correct terminology, food stuffs and Roald Dahlisms. The regrettable decline in a working knowledge of Latin means that YOLO (an acronym for you only live once) is now an acceptable alternative to carpe diem. That and gender-fluid is the sort of pandering to modernity that really gets on my moobs (man boobs). To calm down I had to eat a spanakopita (a Greek pastry).

Uptalk that irritating habit of raising the pitch of your voice when you end a sentence or ask a question makes the grade. Why some of the Dahlisms make the OED now is a bit of a mystery. Take witching hour. Shakespeare uses a variant in Hamlet’s ‘tis now the very witching hour of night soliloquy and in 1762 Elizabeth Carter Keene used the phrase “’tis the baleful witching hour” in a poem. Nothing like being trendy, I suppose!


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