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Hitchhiker Of The Week


Stuck inside of Punakaiki with the immobile blues again, French tourist Cedric Rault-Verpre lost his rag and ripped up the sign welcoming visitors to the town, throwing it into the river, I read this week. What got his chevre was that he had been hanging around the town situated on the west coast of New Zealand’s South Island for four days trying to hitch a lift to no avail.

After his alleged vandalism – he is said to have pelted another sign with stones – the old bill felt his collar and he is up before the local beak facing a claim for compo to the tune New Zealand $3,000. Cedric claims that the police were unsympathetic to his plight. They claim that he could have walked to Franz Josef, some 220 kilometres south in the time that he hung around the town waiting for his vehicular Godot.

I may be missing something but if you are hitching, you need to be reconciled to walking if a lift doesn’t come along.

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