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Pork Pie Of The Week


Brits and abroad. You can’t get a decent cup of tea and the baked beans aren’t up to much. Part of the luggage allowance of many a British holidaymaker is made up of those daily comestibles that make life bearable and Johnny Foreigner just can’t seem to get right.

But sometimes this habit leads to unanticipated problems as pensioner, Norman Pearson, discovered as he was travelling through Manchester airport en route to Malaga, I read this week. He had packed a particularly juicy pork pie in his luggage. His bag went through the scanner and triggered a security alert as it showed that it contained some form of liquid. On unpacking the bag the security staff found a pork pie with an unusually high juice content amongst his clothing.

As Pearson from Wigan, a town famous for its pie eaters, couldn’t extract the juice from the pie and put into one of those plastic bags, the staff wished him “Bon appetit” and allowed him to take the snack with him.

Forewarned is forearmed.


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