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Pumpkin Of The Week


Regular readers will be painfully aware of my attempts this year to get my pumpkins to grow. Although by English standards we have experienced a prolonged period of good weather, the nights are getting colder and there is little sun and so I had to take the decision to give up. I did end up with one pumpkin but it is the size of an anorexic melon.

Naturally, I withdrew my entry to the annual autumn pumpkin festival which was held in Southampton last Saturday. A good job too as my pathetic pumpkin would have been put in the shade by that grown by Matthew Oliver at the RHS garden at Hyde Hall in Chelmsford. It smashed the UK record for the largest grown outdoors, weighing in at a whopping 1,333.8 lbs.

The seed from which this monster grew was taken from a pumpkin grown in Switzerland which weighed in at 2,323 lbs in 2014. Mind you, it cost £1,250 in an auction. A bit different from a £1 packet from Wilkinson’s. You get what you pays for, I suppose.


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