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Advice Of The Week (3)


Here’s a useful piece of advice I gleaned this week courtesy of Jan Fallingborg, a gastroenterologist at Aarhus University Hospital who has 33 years’ experience of constipation – you would have thought he would have got it treated by now.

Apparently, a third of Danes grunt when they are doing a number two – it may be a Viking thing. Far from aiding the speedy evacuation of your bowels, it has the opposite effect. It is all about pressure, you see. The pressure required to expel faeces decreases if we let air and sound out of our mouths.

Whilst there may be some psychological benefit in having a good grunt, it is counterproductive to speeding up the job in hand.

If we end up with silent cubicles, Jan will have made a major contribution. Glad to be able to pass this on.


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