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Trip Of The Week


Carrying a crate of spuds isn’t easy at the best of times. It is doubly difficult if you are rushing across London’s Oxford Street and trying to dodge the traffic lights. A man had his chips when he tripped and spilt his spuds all across the road. The incident was caught on dash-cam (natch).

Traffic came to a halt and some of the bystanders helped him recover his goods – they must have been tourists. Others, showing the sangfroid we expect of Londoners, just walked by as though nothing had happened, glad to take advantage of the break in traffic.

The incident went viral, perhaps adding further weight to the argument espoused on a radio programme the other day on Boredom that ennui was a thing of the past because everyone was now connected to the internet and there were myriad things to keep them amused.

Whether that’s true or not, at least we now have a variant to the ever-popular banana skin slip routine.


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