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Christmas Tip Of The Week (2)


The acronym of the year has to be JAM, the just about managing. The irony of its origin is presumably lost on those who bandy it around; the White Queen’s admonition to Alice in Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass that you can have jam tomorrow and jam yesterday but not today, in turn a reference to the usage of iam and nunc in Latin.

Still, many are on fixed budgets and Christmas is a time when we feel the pinch and so the question on everyone’s lips is how cheaply can you cook a Christmas meal. Well, according to blogger, Miguel Barclay, I learned this week, the answer is 92.1p. The trick is to dispense with turkey and replace it with a chicken leg, priced at 50p – a pack of 4 costs £2. For the stuffing mix, use 10ml of cranberry sauce (3,2p), stale bread and half an onion (5p). Next up is pigs in blankets which will set you back 13.5p – 6p for 30g of dried stuffing mix and 7p for a rasher of streaky bacon.

For the vegetables you will have to make do with 200g of spuds for 9.4p and 30g of sprouts at 6p, topped off with one teaspoon full of gravy granules at 5p.

Barclay, whose blog is onepoundmeals on Instagram, claims to be serving it up for his family. Think I will give it a miss.


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