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Crap Christmas Present Of The Week



Last Tuesday was take-back Tuesday. It is the time when the postal services creak at the seams in handling masses of gifts being returned by their ungrateful recipients. Sometimes it is a question of a failure of taste – on the part of the donor but often, I fear, of the recipient – and sometimes it is because the gift is crap.

Take the case of keen surfer, Zack Davis, who received from his mother a shark repelling band called Sharkbanz. It is in a rather funky green colour and is worn on the wrist. It is supposed to emit a magnetic field which disrupts the electro receptors sharks use to navigate.

Doubtless delighted by this thoughtful gift, Zack wore his band when he went surfing at Avalon Beach State Park in Florida. Guess what happened next? He was attacked by a shark suffering bites to the arm which required 44 stitches

Mrs Davis wants her $80 back and a bit of compo for her boy. Not unreasonable in the circumstances.

Unlike the shark, the spokesperson for Sharkbanz has kept their mouth shut.


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