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Fruits Of The Week


Psst, want to live longer? Well, the secret to extending your time on this mortal coil may be to add some chillis to your diet, I read this week.

The study, conducted by scientists from Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont, details of which are published in the ever popular PLoS One journal, claims that consuming red hot chilli peppers can extend your life by 13%, corroborating the findings of earlier research conducted in China.

The reasons are not known for certain and require more research (natch). The likely answer is that the capsaicin in the spice fights high cholesterol and helps metabolise fat breakdown, reducing the likelihood of obesity and stopping tumours. There was a discernible reduction in the number of strokes and heart attacks amongst the chilli-munchers. After all, if your system can survive the shock of the blast of heat, then it should be inured against pretty much anything.

At least our hopes of longevity are down to chillis and not courgettes which, I’m reliably informed, have done a bit of a disappearing act from the shelves of the UK’s supermarkets. It’s all to do with Europe (natch). There has been a cold snap in Spain and unusually high amounts of rain, not just on the plain, which has knackered the production of the courgette.

It may be some weeks before supplies get back to normal and, inevitably, prices will rocket. First Marmite, now courgettes; the end is nigh, I tell you.




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