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Exercise Trends Of The Week


January is the month when we start the year off full of good intentions – exercise more, drink and eat less, you know the type of thing. My January is spent fighting off these urges, usually successfully. I’ve never understood the allure of yoga. Quite why anyone would want to bend their body into completely unnatural poses is beyond me.

Still, if ever in a moment of weakness I considered taking up yoga, I came across a couple of hot new trends this week that might just tempt me. The first is called bieryoga and seems to originate from Germany. The routines adopt the standard yogic poses but the instructors work a bottle of beer into the routine so you end up taking up a pose with a beer bottle in your hand or balanced on your head.  The good thing, so the blurb says, is that you get to drink the contents of a couple of bottles during the session.

If beer is not to your taste, over in San Francisco (natch) you can go to a Ganja Yoga session featuring a heady cocktail of cannabis-fuelled yoga which makes the students become “more mindful and free”. Whilst striking a pose you take a toke on a spliff, which might make balancing a challenge towards the end of a session.

Then again, I might just cut out the middle man and go straight for the booze and weed. It makes more sense.


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