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Website Of The Week

For some stroking a cat is immensely comforting. For me there is nothing better than blowing a trumpet through someone’s immaculately coiffeured hair. Thanks to for this.


Placard of the Week (2)


Error of the Week (3)

Two things about half-marathons never fail to surprise me. Firstly, that the organisers can’t measure the course correctly and secondly, that those who participate complain when they get it wrong. I would have thought a reduction in the distance to be run would be welcome.

Well, I read this week, it has happened again. The red-faced organisers of the Great Scottish Run, held in Glasgow last October, have now admitted that “due to human error”  the course was some 149.7 metres short. A right stushie has broken out with people’s records and personal best times rescinded and competitors demanding their entrance money back – £33 a time. Surely, at best the fee should be pro-rated.

Some people are never satisfied. At least they got to the pub sooner for a well earned dram.


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