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Animals Of The Week

Something is stirring in the undergrowth. The animal kingdom is getting a bit uppity as a rash of stories I came across this week shows.

Firstly, we had two brave bobbies chasing a pig through the mean streets of Redbridge in east London. The pig managed to evade the short arms of the law for a while but eventually captured and returned to the field from whence it had escaped.

Then on Easter Saturday a herd of 60 cows decided to take advantage of the group travel discounts offered by the benighted Southern Rail. They stood on the platform at Hever in Sussex only to find that because of their sudden arrival, the train company had decided to suspend services. They were moved on from the platform and services were restored. I wonder whether they left a deposit with the ticket office.

Then news reached me that April the giraffe seems to have let fame go to her head. You may recall that she gave birth live on webcam. Anyway, she is naturally quite protective of junior and when a vet had the audacity to get too close, she stretched out one of her long legs and gave him a sharp kick in the niagras.



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