Mollusc Of The Week

It’s enough to make you yearn for Brexit. There is another invader on the march from the continent, I read this week, which is determined to wreak havoc in our carefully tended borders. It is a super slug which goes by the name of Arion vulgaris or the Spanish slug.

They are larger than our native slugs, growing up to six inches long, produce more slime which makes them particularly unattractive to predators and they breed like rabbits. Traditional methods of controlling slug populations, slug pellets, seem to be useless. They can devour up to 20 pellets without any noticeable effect.

What does for them, though, is good old British beer, preferably home-brewed. Apparently, they can’t get enough of the stuff and drown in puddles of amber nectar. Seems a bit of a waste but if it is the only way to keep the invaders at bay, needs must.

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