A wry view of life for the world-weary

Old Codgers Of The Week – Part Seven

Ye’ll tak the high road and I’ll tak the low road/ And I’ll be in Scotland afore ye.

Valerie Johnson, 83, set out in her car to attend a hospital appointment at the Royal Hospital in Worcester, some six miles from her home in Peopleton, I learned this week. She missed her turning because of road works and found herself on the M5 and then the M6.

Instead of turning round, she kept on going before eventually running out of petrol in Larkhall, some twenty miles outside of Glasgow and three hundred miles out of her way. She was taken in by some kind souls and was eventually reunited with her daughter who flew up to collect her.

A sat nav for her birthday, methinks.

Someone who definitely knew where he was going is Bryson “Verdun” Hayes who at 101 years and 34 days old has just set the world record for the oldest tandem sky diver. Accompanied by eight members of his family, including his son, grandson and two great-grandsons, Verdun jumped out of a plane some 15,000 feet above the ground. On landing he declared he was “over the moon” so perhaps he didn’t quite know where he was.

Still, he raised over £2,400 for the Royal British Legion and has shown that there is some life left in Britain’s old codgers yet.


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