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Pipeline Of The Week

Heavy metal festivals are not my thing – a line up including Megadeth, Alice Cooper and Trivium would have me running for the hills– but details of The Wacken Open Air festival to be held in early August in Germany caught my attention this week.

Festival goers consume on average 9 pints of beer each over the three day event and ensuring there is enough hooch to drown out the racket coming from the stage is of paramount concern to the organisers. To meet demand and ensure that the only hiccups are from drinking the beer too quickly, this year they are installing a four mile long pipe network to bring in the beer. 35 centimetres in diameter, it will deliver beer at a rate of six glasses every six seconds and as an added bonus will mean that beer trucks will not need to clog the roads and churn up the field.

Pipelines are also being laid down to bring in water and to remove effluent. Let’s hope they don’t mix them up, although lager drinkers may not notice the difference.


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