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Drugs Of The Week

If you want to get high, use your loaf, I learned this week. TV presenter, Angela Rippon, failed a routine drugs test after eating a loaf of poppy seed bread and a poppy seed bagel over a three-day period. The test picked up the presence of morphine in her system, enough to have got her fired, if it hadn’t have been a controlled experiment. You’ve been warned.

Aside from bread, according to this year’s Global Drugs Survey,  magic mushrooms are the safest recreational drug of choice. Of the 12,000 who fessed up to ingesting the psilocybin hallucinogenic ‘rooms in 2016, only 0.2% needed emergency medical treatment, a rate five times lower than those who had taken Colombian marching powder or LSD. The bigger risk, it would seem, is eating the wrong sort of fungi.

Mushrooms on poppy seeded toast for lunch, I think!


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