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Sign Of The Week (2)

The stretch of M3 motorway near Blogger Towers has over the last couple of years been upgraded to what is euphemistically termed as a smart motorway. Quite how intelligent it will prove to be, only time will tell. In the meantime we have had to endure lane closures and the imposition of a stately 50 mph speed limit.

We are now in what is known as the commissioning and testing phase which means that we have four lanes of uninterrupted carriageway but we are still required to proceed at a pace no greater than that of an athletic snail.

Perhaps a clue to the motorway’s smartness lies in the proliferation of signs that have sprung up telling me that the sign was not in use. I had ample time to ponder the logical tautology of the message the signage was bearing.

Of course the sign was in use. It was just telling me that it wasn’t in use. From such things a reductio ad absurdum is born.


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