Parking War Of The Week

Between the ages of nine and eleven getting to school was very easy. I just had to walk through a door, my version of stepping into the wardrobe en route to Narnia. To attend senior school my journey was a little more complicated, a three mile trip into Shrewsbury and back courtesy of the ancient charabancs provided by Vaggs Motors.

These days, it seems, children are chaperoned to school by parents, often by car, and this means that parents parking to drop their little darlings off are a bone of contention with residents unfortunate enough to live nearby. Blogger Towers is near the local primary school and in order to save their sprogs from the exercise that they so badly need, parents would park anyhow, oblivious to the fact that they were blocking driveways and sight lines.

We naively assumed that the introduction of double yellow lines would have solved the problem but, at least in the view of the parents, they do not apply if you are picking up your kid. So it was with a little more than passing interest that I read about a stushie in the quiet cul-de-sac that is Old Rectory Close in Highbridge in Somerset, which has the misfortune to be close to the East Brent C of E Academy.

To discourage people parking, a person or persons unknown have taken to gluing nails in an upright position on the road and hiding them with leaves, at least according to Janet Smith who allegedly found a nail in her tyre after completing a school run. The local plod are investigating.

Showing the insouciance that is endemic amongst those engaged in school runs, la Smith is reported as saying, “It’s not private. It’s a cul-de-sac and we’re there for ten minutes.

I shall be interested to see what develops.


2 thoughts on “Parking War Of The Week”

  1. Having recently trodden on a particularly spiky piece of pruned hedge (wearing soft sandals), my feet are curling up at the thought this. Interesting post.

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