Fly Of The Week

It takes some planning, you know, to break a Guinness World Record and you need to plan for the unexpected, as this story I came across this week amply illustrates.

A group called Sinners Domino Entertainment were trying to break their own record, set in 2013, of 537,938 fallen tiles, by setting up 596,229 mini dominoes in a pattern. Twenty-two people were deployed with tweezers to install the dominoes, no bigger than a finger nail, over two weeks in preparation for the tenth Domino Day at Nidda, near Frankfurt.

Alas, they had neglected to consider the impact of a clumsy fly. Said fly landed on one of the tiles, triggering all the dominoes to fall in a spectacular fashion, before the requisite number had been put in place. There wasn’t enough time, according to spokesperson Patrick Sinner for the damage to be repaired.

Still, look on the bright side.

They did manage to create four records; the longest domino chain reaction – it took 15 minutes for the damage caused by the fly’s heavy footedness  to unravel – the longest domino wall, the largest spiral and the largest domino cube.

Back to the drawing board, methinks.


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