Social Medium Of The Week

What is it with Facebook?

They are happy to pass on our personal data to third parties and to allow hackers to plunder our information with ease but they seem to have been imbued with the spirit of Thomas Bowdler.

My new book, out on 28th October, is called Fifty Scams and Hoaxes and I thought it would be a good idea to set up a Facebook page to publicise it but the algorithm that controls page titles took exception to it. It must have been the conjunction. So I had to resort to a name that is so obscure no one will ever find it.

Still, my problems are nothing compared with an aspiring Belgian politician who is standing for election to the council in the district of Lobbes. As is the modern way he wanted a social media presence to publicise his campaign but Facebook took exception to his name, deeming it offensive and inappropriate.

A bit of a bummer, you will agree, for Luc Anus, for it is he, who has been forced to drop the s to get his page, despite being one of 49 Anuses in Belgium.

I hope he gets elected so he can join the illustrious roll of politicians with amusing names like the former mayor of Nashville, Bill Boner, the Dutch senator, Tiny Kox, and the erstwhile Liberal peer, Lady Garden.

Talking of Lady Garden, it was my birthday last Sunday and I don’t know whether I was disappointed or not, but none of my relatives or friends felt fit to celebrate this momentous occasion with a card bearing a picture of their genitalia.

But according to Moonpig, one of these online card jobbies, there is a trend, particularly around Valentine’s Day, of people with a particularly warped sense of humour and an inferiority complex, downloading pictures of their todgers and vaginas for insertion on to greetings cards. In desperation, they have had to resort to social media to remind punters that such images are against their terms and conditions.

I wonder what they do with the pics?

It’s a strange world that we live in.


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