Toilet Of The Week (19)

When I have a blockage, I swear by Mr Muscle.

But not Dominique Heath from Nailsea in Somerset. On finding her carsey blocked by an excessive amount of toilet paper and a toy, thoughtfully deposited by her children, she set about clearing it by pouring three litres of bleach cleaner and another, unnamed, liquid down the pan.

Imagine her surprise when there was a chemical reaction, emitting a cloud of poisonous chlorine gas, the sort of weapon that would fall foul of the modern-day Geneva Convention. Unable to disperse the fumes and, by now, experiencing a burning sensation in her eyes and throat, Dominique range 999.

The Fire Brigade told her to evacuate her house and on arrival, cordoned off part of her street, before donning gas masks to resolve the situation.

Red faces all round. Stick to Mr Muscle, I say.


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