Trousers Of The Week

After the grim events in Christchurch, here is a bit of good news that has come out of New Zealand’s North Island this month.

A German yachtsman, Arne Murke, was sailing along with his brother to Brazil to deliver the yacht, Wahoo, to its new owners. While in Tolaga Bay off the east coast, a sudden gust of wind caught the boom, hitting Arne on the head and knocking him into the water. Unable to get to the lifebelt that his brother had thrown into the drink, the currents were carrying him out to sea.

This is where his trousers came in. Showing incredible presence of mind, he took them off, tied knots at the end of the legs, inflated them and tied them round his chest. Et voilà, an impromptu life jacket.

Although it took a rescue helicopter 3.5 hours to find him, Arne’s trousers had saved him. “Without the jeans I wouldn’t be here today, They were really the thing that saved me”, he told reporters.

That’s why I never leave home without them.


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