Robbery Of The Week (3)

I love an avocado. It is something to do with that rich, creamy, velvety texture and mild flavour. A chicken and avocado sandwich is one of my all-time favourites and, I’m told, there are some health benefits t be gained from eating the fruit.

The classic shape of an avocado is what the botanists call obovate, round and tapering at the base. When held, I suppose, it could look like a grenade, particularly when you are flustered. At least, that is what a couple of unfortunate cashiers at banks in the southern Israeli city of Beersheba thought.

In two separate incidents five days apart, a man walked into a bank holding an avocado, painted black for the occasion. Claiming that it was a grenade, he threatened to blow the bank up unless the cashier handed over what cash was in the drawer of the counter. He got away with around £6,500 but was eventually tracked down by police using data from his mobile phone. Perhaps he should have carried a painted banana instead of a smartphone.

Anyway, there’s another benefit to be had from an avocado. In certain circumstances, it can secure you free board and lodging, albeit for a limited time.

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