Valete, Nuntii Latini

I can’t understand Finnish but one programme that the country’s public broadcaster, YLE, puts out that I could (just about) understand is Nuntii Latini, the news in Latin. It was a must listen for those of us who were keen to hear the language come to life but, alas, no more.

Despite broadcasting a five-minute bulletin telling its audience news not ancient history since September 1, 1989 and winning a reprieve when it was first threatened with closure in December 2017, the brain child of Professor Tuomo Pekkanen and lecturer, Virpi Seppala-Pekkanen, has been forced to submit to the barbarians at the gates.

It is a sad day and the Finnish contribution to demonstrating that there is a place for the language in the modern age has finished. It was worth a shot and to all those involved I say, “gratias ago maximas vobis qui nuntios Latinos tot annos tanta sedulitate editis”.

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