Sporting Event Of The Week (24)

With the country going to hell in a handcart (, it is good to know that we Brits still retain a sense of humour and take time out to celebrate our sporting ineptitude with gusto.

Last Saturday the Chap Olympiad was held at Firle Vintage Fair in East Sussex. There was a typically eccentric range of sports on display including Umbrella Jousting in which contestants, wearing only a bowler hat for protection, try to dismount each other from their bicycles using a furled umbrella as a weapon and a briefcase as an ersatz shield, and the Cucumber Sandwich Discus, where the object is to hurl a paper plate with a cucumber sandwich (on crust-free bread, naturally) as far as possible without the sandwich leaving the plate.

A particular favourite of mine is a new addition to the list of events, the Picnic Vault. Here contestants using two walking canes must vault over a couple taking a picnic on the croquet lawn, without causing injury or spilling their cocktails. An invaluable life skill, I think, which will see us through even the direst emergencies.

If you want to see some news footage of the event follow this link

Chin, chin!

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