Vehicle Of The Week

An unusual vehicle was spotted on the motorway in Bedfordshire the other day, sufficiently odd to warrant the attention of the Old Bill. It looked a bit like a boat with the nose of an aeroplane and the chassis of a motorbike held together with liberal quantities of gaffer tape and white paint.

After the police had made the usual checks, yes, it had a number plate, a MOT certificate, tax and insurance and no, it wasn’t causing an obstruction, yes, it had working lights and brakes and yes, it was keeping up with the other traffic, the owner, together with his boot full of shopping, was allowed to go on his way.

It doesn’t pay to be different in Bedfordshire.

Not so fortunate was Glyndwr Wyn Richards from Llanfairn in Ceredigion. He thought it would be a good idea to take a car down to the local scrapyard. Instead of using the tried and tested method of towing it he strapped it to the roof of his VW Jetta.

Not surprisingly he came to the attention of the Old Bill. His unusual method of transporting his old car cost him a £80 fine and three penalty points on his licence. For me, though, the incredible part of the story was how he got the car on to the roof and just how strong are Jettas.    

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