Lifestyle Tip Of The Week

As someone who is prone to see the gloomier side of things, some news reached me from the pages of that august journal, Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, that plunged me into the slough of despond.

According to research carried out at Boston University School of Medicine, women who had an optimistic view on life had a lifespan almost 15% longer than those who verged towards a pessimistic viewpoint. With men the results showed the glass half full brigade had a 11% longer lifestyle than those whose glass was half empty.

Lifestyle may come into it. For the pessimists it may be that drinking to excess, smoking and taking drugs is the only way they can face the day whilst those happy souls without a care in the world are likely to eat what’s good for them and indulge in the dread E word, exercise. Yes, the scientists had thought of that and, allegedly, adjusted their results to take into account lifestyle choices.

The difference in lifespans reduced, I found that surprising, but not significantly.

Looking on the bright side, by maintaining my usual pessimistic take on life, I’m likely to be out of here sooner than otherwise might have been the case. Now that has cheered me up.

One thought on “Lifestyle Tip Of The Week”

  1. In studies like this, one has to be aware that two factors that appear correlated are not necessarily in a cause-result relationship. For example, both could be results of a common cause.

    So what cause could have both optimism and long life as results? Surely the answer is good heath. Healthy people live longer than sickly folk and feel better in themselves, leading to an optimistic outlook.

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