Tea Of The Week

I’m partial to a cup of tea but I think I will give the latest offer from The Rubens at The Palace, a hotel near Buckingham Palace, a miss.

They are offering a pot of tea made from the rare Ceylon Golden Tips for the princely sum of £500. Cakes, sandwiches etc will set you back a further £45.

So what do you get for your money?

The tea is grown in the highlands of Sri Lanka. Only the very tips of the plant are picked and then it is dried in the sun on a velvet cloth which turns the buds from silver to a golden colour.  

If you order a pot, a flunkey will select the leaves using gold tweezers and weigh them before your very eyes. They are then infused in natural mineral water and the tea is poured from a silver tea pot. I’m told that it has a smooth, light, mellow texture and is slightly fruity. I will never know.

I’m gratified to learn that the leaves can be infused up to three times, the taste changing each time, so you will not feel that you have been totally ripped off. I suppose it beats hanging tea bags on the line to give them a second chance.

2 thoughts on “Tea Of The Week”

  1. This does not surprise me because I have observed a steady rise in tea snobbism over recent years. A possible influence may be that the French, previously contemptuous of the British tea habit, have themselves begun to take up tea in a big way. You will now find specialised tea retailers in French cities and find that waiters in French cafes remember to bring you cold, not hot, milk with your tea.

    What more natural than that tea snobbism should cross back across the Channel in parallel with wine snobbism?

    If snobs with more money than sense wish to pay outrageous prices for their tea, that’s their lookout. Well, except for one thing: those of us who care about tea and buy quality leaves from suppliers will have noticed a gradual rise in tea prices that threatens to turn our favourite tipple into an occasional treat rather than a daily comfort. Anything that exercises an upward pressure on prices is to be deprecated.

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