Sporting Event Of The Week (25)

There is something fascinating about a competition that pits man against machine. Intuitively, I always anticipate that the machine will prevail but occasionally it doesn’t.

Take this competition held on the exterior of the Westin Hotel in Warsaw. One of the world’s best speed climbers, Marcin Dzienski – did you know that speed climbing was making its Olympic debut in Tokyo next year? Me, neither – took on an illuminated lift to see who would ascend the 23-metre wall the quickest.

Well, in a closely fought contest Marcin prevailed, taking just 12.12 seconds to get to the top. All those years of climbing his grandad’s apple trees seem to have paid off.

If I have the option, though, I will still take the lift. Speed isn’t everything, you know.

Click the link to watch him go

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