Error Of The Week (7)

One of my bugbears with buffets rather than sit-down jobbies is that you are never quite certain what you are putting into your mouth. Sometimes you can be in for a big surprise as happened to this unnamed Israeli woman in her late sixties, according to an article in the BMJ Case Reports 2019.

Attending a wedding party she tucked in with some gusto into a dip which she thought was avocado. Five minutes later she began to feel a burning sensation in her chest and down her arms. Not wishing to be a party pooper she grinned and bore her discomfort but the following day, still feeling uncomfortable and weak, she went to the quacks.

An ECG revealed that she had suffered what the medics describe as Takutsubo cardiomyopathy or broken heart syndrome which, in lay man’s terms, causes left ventricular dysfunction, typically in older women, especially after sudden, intense physical or emotional stress.

And what had caused the woman’s stress?

Well, what she had tucked into was a bowl of wasabi paste, made from the hot Japanese root vegetable, which I enjoy but a sparing application seems to be the sensible thing. According to the article, this is the first recorded instance of broken heart syndrome to have been brought on by wasabi so that is something to boast about when the woman next sees her friends.

The moral of the tale, though, is stick to what you know.

One thought on “Error Of The Week (7)”

  1. The problem here, of course, is that the good lady did believe she was sticking to what she knew. She suffered from an unlikely and unforeseeable accident of the sort that can catch any of us out.

    There is no obvious way to avoid these sneaky attacks of misfortune. Your best strategy is to avoid buffet meals entirely and, indeed, any food whose safe preparation you cannot vouch for.

    Happily, the lady survived the accident as you have – so far – survived buffet food.

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