Coincidence Of The Week

Kyler Bourgeous had the misfortune to be gored and trampled by a bison at the Antelope Island State Park in Utah in June, picking up a collapsed lung, broken ribs, and internal injuries for his troubles. Happily, now recovered he has begun dating a young lady by the name of Kayleigh Davis.

Kyler thought it would be fun to show his new squeeze the spot where he met his unfortunate accident. Distracted by a group of bikers, Kayleigh suddenly realised that a bison was coming her way at a rate of knots. She tried to outrun the animal to the nearby lake but it flipped her up into the air, goring her in the thigh and causing her to break her ankle when she hit the ground.

Kayleigh, fearing a second attack, stayed still, the bison soon lost interest and Kyler was able to summon help.

Apparently, if you are charged by an angry bison, the recommendation is to stay still. Sounds good in theory.

If the couple are still dating, my suggestion to Kyler is to play safe, go for a pizza or a drink. There are forces out there beyond our ken.

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