Drug Smugglers Of The Week (2)

The British Medical Journal, I find, is always a wonderful source for the bizarre. Take this case, for instance.

Smuggling drugs into a prison requires a degree of ingenuity, so I believe. In Australia a woman brought her boyfriend some weed, helpfully hidden inside a rubber balloon. In order to get it past the prison guards, he inserted said balloon up his right nostril. Once back in his cell, looking forward to a nice chill and an evening’s contemplation on the meaning of life, he was a bit nonplussed to be unable to retrieve it and assumed that he must have swallowed it accidentally.

Over the next 18 years or so, he regularly suffered from sinus infections and complained of nasal obstructions. He eventually started to suffer from excruciating headaches and it was only then, according to Dr Murray Smith of Westmead Hospital in New South Wales, that what really happened to the balloon was revealed.

It had stayed put in his nostril and over the years calcium and magnesium salts got to work and developed a rhinolith, a stone in the nasal cavity.

It has been successfully removed but when the man learned what had happened, his nose was well and truly put out of joint.

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