Funeral Of The Week (2)

My search for ways of livening up my funeral continues. Here’s a story that has given me some food for thought, as well as highlighting the perils of a shared freezer.

It is the custom in Germany, so I’m informed, to conclude a funeral by having a trip to a restaurant for a piece of cake and a warming cup of coffee. Here in Britain we retire to a pub and have a booze-up. No wonder we make uncomfortable bedfellows with our European friends and partners, as we seem to euphemistically call them these days.

Mourners in the German town of Wiethagen followed the tradition and settled down to eat some cake. Unfortunately, thirteen of the number, unlucky for some, felt nauseous and dizzy and needed medical treatment.

It turns out that one of the employees of the restaurant, allegedly, asked her 18-year-old daughter to bake the cakes. This she did but at the same time backed a hash cake, saving on the electric and gas bill, if nothing else. Her mother, though, took the wrong cake out of the freezer.

The girl is helping police with their enquiries but at least the funeral ended on a high.

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