Polling Station Of The Week

Pembrokeshire County Council were struggling for a venue to use as a polling station for the good citizens of Landdewi Velfrey. The village hall was undergoing some repairs and would not be ready to accommodate the stream of upwards of two hundred voters keen to make their mark in the unseasonal 2019 General Election.

After some due deliberation, Council officials decided that the restaurant area in the local chippy, The Hank Marvin, named after the rhyming slang for starving and standing alongside the A40, would serve the cod-stituents very well.

Although the venue was open at 7am, early voters were not able to get a bag of chips as a reward. Joint owner, Duane Philpin, refused to change his opening hours, insisting that midday was early enough to light the fryer.

As the incumbent MP held his seat, the voters of Llanddewi Velfrey were unable to add cooking oil to the troubled waters of British politics.

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