Christmas Tip Of The Week (3)

Pulling a Christmas cracker is one of those rituals that has performed before you can sink your teeth into the sumptuous feast that has been set before you, that has taken hours to prepare and is getting steadily colder. Personally, I’m not bothered whether I win a paper hat and plastic toy together with the right to read a corny gag out, but some are more competitive. Did you know that there are some techniques which can maximise your chances of getting the larger portion of the cracker?

According to defence technology experts, QinetiQ, here are some handy tips to ensure that you win every time:

  • Ensure that the end of the cracker you are holding is lower than the other person’s so that it is tilting towards you;
  • Use a firm, two-handed grip
  • Pull slowly and steadily rather than deploying a hard yank. Yanking can compromise your section of the cracker;
  • Don’t twist the cracker.

Easy really. I hope it works.

My etiquette expert informs me that the correct time to pull a cracker is either after the main course has been completed or after the pudding has been eaten. Makes sense but then a Christmas dinner wouldn’t be the same without silly hats.

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