Wheelie Bin Of The Week

One of my weekly tasks is to take the wheelie bin out for the dustmen to empty. Apart from storing my waste in, I’ve never really considered what else I could do with one.

I’m indebted to Andy Jennings from Swindon for this idea. Fitting his wheelie bin with a rear axle from a go-kart, a 110cc four-speed pit bike engine, a bicycle saddle, handlebars from a child’s scooter, and a seat post and steering mechanism from a mobility scooter, he has turned it into a vehicle. On its first outing, on private land on an industrial estate, he got up to a racy 36 miles per hour.

Now Andy’s sights are set on a Guinness World Record for the fastest wheelie bin and officials will be watching him put his machine through its paces in May.

I wonder if he wears a trash helmet.

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