Survival Tip Of The Week

It’s always handy to know a few survival skills, I feel, even if you hope you will never have to use them. Take fending off an attack from a great white shark, for example.

A surfer, Nick Minogue, was doing his thing off Pauanui Beach in New Zealand’s Coromandel region when he was hit on the side of his elbow and forearm. The next thing he knew was that the shark had sunk its teeth into the front section of his surfboard.

Apparently but not surprisingly, sharks don’t like being punched in the nose or eye. Armed with this knowledge, the redoubtable Minogue shouted a few choice expletives and went to punch the creature in the eye, but missed. His second attempt was more successful, hitting the shark square in the eye with such force that it decided to look elsewhere for its next meal.

Worth knowing.

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