Error Of The Week (8)

For a couple of years Caelie Wilkes from Mendocino County in California had been proud of her potted succulent. She watered it regularly, positioned it in a place where it got plenty of sunshine and even washed its leaves. The pictures I have seen of it are impressive with a perfect shape and beautiful colouring.

Disaster struck when Caelie decided to repot it. Removing the plant from its pot she was astonished to find that it was a plastic replica, sitting on a Styrofoam bed with sand glued to the top.

Artificial flowers have come on leaps and bounds and to the untrained eye, at least for a moment, they can appear to be the real deal. They don’t grow though, and if she washed the leaves, surely she would have realised that they were plastic.

Caelie, though, was mortified, claiming that “these last two years have been a lie”.

A first world problem, for sure, but it is California.

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