Tooth Of The Week

Phawan Bhavsar, a 20-year-old engineering student from Madhya Pradesh in India visited his dentist, complaining of a constant jaw ache, swollen gums and blisters in his mouth. The root of the problem, Dr Saurabh Srivastava decided, was a couple of teeth which he decided to extract.

One, though, was a whopper, measuring 3.89 centimetres long, the average front tooth measures between 1.64 and 2.26 centimetres in length. It came out and this is thought to be the longest human tooth extracted, comfortably beating the Guinness World Record set by Dr Max Lucas in 2018 who removed a tooth 3.72 centimetres long from the mouth of Croatian, Mijo Vodopija.

This all happened on February 29th. I bet Phawan is glad it only comes around every four years. I wonder if he said “pull the other one” of “fangs”.

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