Covid-19 Good News Story Of The Week

On the hunt for some good news to come out of these straitened times, I came across the touching story of 89-year-old Karsten Tuschen Hansen from Germany and Inga Rasmussen, 85, from Denmark.   

The couple met two years ago and for the past year have spent nearly every day together. The closure of their respective countries’ borders and the requirement to practise social distancing have not presented obstacles that the intrepid couple cannot surmount.

Mr Hansen cycles from his home in Suderlugum and Ms Rasmussen drives from Gallehus to the border point outside of the town of Aventoft to chat and to share a drink, all the while ensuring they are at least the recommended distance apart from each other. Hansen, the devil that he is, is sometimes known to take a schnapps but Rasmussen sticks to coffee. She has to drive, after all.

Love really knows no bounds.

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