Covid-19 Good News Story Of The Week (3)

For good Catholics, one of the concerns this Easter period is how to confess their sins and receive absolution, given social distancing restrictions and the advice from the ever-helpful Vatican that confessions made via the internet or over the phone don’t cut it.

The smart answer, of course, is not to sin in the first place. However, a priest in western Poland, Father Adam Pawlowski from Rogalin in Western Poland has come up with a novel solution: a drive-in confessional.

The priest will park his car in an alley by the church and invite local sinners to park alongside his car, ensuring they are an appropriate distance apart, and confess all. The inventive priest told local journalists that he had already done a practice run and was shortly to hear a parishioner confess “every sin in his entire life”.

From what I’ve heard, parking in a side alley with your window down is a sure-fire way to attract sinners. I take my biretta off to him.

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